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RbVBA is a REALbasic Gameboy ROM Interface for use with VisualBoyAdvance

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1027K
Developer: TheGreenKnight
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RbVBA is a REALbasic Gameboy ROM Interface for use with VisualBoyAdvance. RbVBA is an interface to your Gameboy ROM collection for use with the VisualBoyAdvance emulator.

It allows the display of screenshots taken with VisualBoyAdvance and additionally box art (covers) that you can download from the Internet.

Emphasis is placed on the interface to your ROM collection rather than being a front-end primarily to VisualBoyAdvance; usability is paramount.

Here are some key features of "RbVBA":
Up to four different ROM directories.
Up to four different covers directories.
Integration with QJoyPad for both RbVBA use and VisualBoyAdvance.
Display and management of saved states.
Easy navigable access to VisualBoyAdvance's README for reference.
Console output log for error tracing.
Recording of individual game usage.
Intelligent interface with a strong focus on usability.
RbVBA integrates with your configuration.



There is only one file of importance, the binary RbVBA. You can place this anywhere but I will suggest /home/user/bin/. RbVBA will create two files in your home directory: .RbVBArc and .RbVBAXPlayed. It relies on the fact that you have VisualBoyAdvance and its configuration file installed somewhere, but where exactly is not important as it is configurable.


If you do not yet have VisualBoyAdvance installed, download it and extract it to somewhere like /home/user/bin/. The best place to store VisualBoyAdvance.cfg is with the VisualBoyAdvance binary.

Execute RbVBA. Click the RbVBArc tab to locate VisualBoyAdvance and VisualBoyAdvance.cfg. Then locate one ROM folder and press Save. If you already have VisualBoyAdvance and VisualBoyAdvance.cfg installed and setup then no further changes are necessary, otherwise click the VisualBoyAdvance.cfg tab and point to three folders for saveDir (saved states), captureDir (screenshots/snaps) and batteryDir (game specific settings). Press Save and configuration is complete.

What's New in This Release:
Added a save state Trainer for the creation and application of cheat codes for the gba, gbc and gb.
Added an option to RbVBArc for specifying a folder to accommodate the individual cheat files.
Listboxes now sort properly matching the user's selection.
Currently selected game now displayed in window title bar.

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