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RetroForth is a compact, open source Forth development system

License: Public Domain
File size: 28K
Developer: Charles Childers
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RetroForth is a compact, open source Forth development system. RetroForth can be used under FreeBSD, Linux, BeOS, Windows, SCO OpenServer, or as an operating system.

It is easy very easy to learn, use, and extend with standard libraries like SDL, and it can also be used to create tight, stand-alone applications.

Here are some key features of "RetroForth":
Small: Size RetroForth was designed to be a small Forth. As such, the source code is about 20 kilobytes in size, and most binaries take about 5 kilobytes.
Portable: Despite being written in assembly language, RetroForth is very easy to port to new operating systems. As noted elsewhere, it runs on at least five major operating systems, and can be used as an OS. Thanks to optional use of libc, many other x86 operating systems should be able to use RetroForth with nothing more than a recompile of the source.
Simplicity: A major aspect of our design philosophy is simplicity. We have designed RetroForth to be easy to learn and use, while not sacrificing its usefulness.
Documentation: We provide a manual with every recent release. This is included in ASCII text and NoteBook formats. Other formats, including HTML, PDF, and PostScript will be supported in the near future.
Support: Options We try to help developers using RetroForth as much as possible. We provide a Forum, Wiki, IRC channel, and a mailing list. We're quite willing to answer questions and listen to suggestions.

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a significant bug in the syscall functionality for the FreeBSD and NetBSD ports that was causing them to dump core on startup.

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