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Rezervi is an availability overview and guest database that you have to install directly on your webserver

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Rezervi is an availability overview and guest database that you have to install directly on your webserver. You need a MySQL database and the support of PHP on your webserver to do this.

Rezervi shows the available rental properties of your organisation on your website.

Your customers must not send countless e-mails to book your rental property, they can see on your website if a rental property is available. A search function and a booking form gives your internet presence a professional view.

The advantage for you is that you can manage the booking requests and availabilities of your rental properties in a handy webinterface. You must not install an expensive software on your PC - everything is accessible for you on the internet - never mind where you are at the moment.

There are two different versions of Rezervi available:

Rezervi Availability Overview and Guest Database
Rezervi Generic

Rezervi Availability Overview and Guest Database is special a reservation system for accommodations e.g. private landlord, apartment, hotel, holiday houses, etc.

Rezervi Generic is a very generally reservation system. It was designed in such a way that it can be adapted very fast and simply to its needs. Rezervi Generic is suitable for all kinds of lettings. Give us your personal requirements, we build you your personal Rezervi Generic Reservation System. --> E-Mail

Here are some key features of "Rezervi":
In German, English, French and Dutch.
Availability overview for appartements, hotels, B&B and so on
Guest database to store and administrate your guests
Special search funktion to search for free rooms
Simply to rent - no contractual obligation - you can cancel the contract monthly
You can give Rezervi the same design as your homepage
Simple webinterface to support your database - you need no special knowledge
Clearly overview: monthly and yearly
Simply to integrate in your website - just insert a link - free setup for renters

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