Roadsend Compiler for PHP 2.1.0 Beta review

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Roadsend Compiler for PHP project lets you create royalty free executables for distribution without compromising your source code

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Developer: Roadsend Inc.
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Roadsend Compiler for PHP project lets you create royalty free executables for distribution without compromising your source code. Compiling PHP to native machine code produces faster, more efficient products for your own use or for sale to your clients.

The Roadsend Compiler reinvents PHP as a general purpose language suitable for creating GUI applications (with GTK), command line programs, dynamic libraries, and compiled web applications.

The included Roadsend Studio IDE gives you an Integrated Development Environment to build, develop, and debug your projects.

The Roadsend Compiler is available in Personal, Server, Professional, and Enterprise editions to suit the needs of a wide range of developers.

Here are some key features of "Roadsend Compiler for PHP":
Sell stand-alone applications compiled from your PHP code

does not require an interpreter
compile entire source tree to one executable
allows you to distribute easily
once compiled, irreversible to original PHP source code

Easily create and manage your PHP projects in the Roadsend Studio IDE

automatically deploy finished project to a directory (included supporting libraries), ready for packaging
examines your code as you type
early syntax error recognition
auto method and property completion
auto parameter help
code browser
syntax highlighting programmers editor
project source file manager
integrated step debugger
compile and interpret projects (including GUI apps) from within IDE


step line by line through your source
set breakpoints by source file, line number
pause a running program
inspect local variables
inspect call stack

Compile GUI Applications (All Editions)

Uses GTK library for cross platform operability
Supports Glade user interface builder
Compatible with PHP-GTK API
Personal Edition for Windows only, Server/Professional/Enterprise for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD

Compile libraries (Professional/Enterprise Editions)

create dynamic shared reusable libraries (.so / .dll)
multiple applications can share same libraries
support multiple library versions
support for static libraries
libraries usable by stand-alone, web, and interpreted applications

Compile web applications (All Editions)

run compiled code directly from Apache
web server code is secure from unauthorized view
simplify website application distribution and backup
Personal edition include basic Apache module for Windows
Server/Professional/Enterprise editions include high performance Apache module for Unix

Interpreted mode

execute PHP directly from source code without compiling
save time during development
allows you to debug easily
distribute library to clients without requiring them to compile
integrate existing PHP code with compiled code
access compiled library directly from the command line


runtime and extension API are compatible with Open Source PHP 4.3.x
GTK applications are compatible with PHP-GTK API
includes Standard, MySQL, PCRE, XML, cURL, and Posix extensions

Royalty Free distribution

sell or give away unlimited, untimed copies of your compiled application

Profile Mode

built-in source level profiler helps you optimize your code

What's New in This Release:
SQLite and ODBC extensions were added.
Code speed, size, and execution times were optimized.
PHP5 support was started, but is not fully functional.
A new IDE project file format is used.
Many user interface improvements were made in the IDE.
Many bugs were fixed in the standard library.

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