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ROCK is a Distribution Build Kit

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Clifford Wolf
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ROCK is a Distribution Build Kit. You can configure your personal build of ROCK and easily build your own distribution (see the screenshots). Rock Linux is software for managing operating environments. In a way it is a software development toolkit for building OS solutions.

The available config options include, but are not limited to:

Package Selection

You can select the packages you want to have in your Distribution. So packages you don't want or need are not build at all. A list of available packages can be found here.

Compiler and Optimization

You can select a compiler (by default gcc3) and optimization options for building your distribution. That enables you to highly optimize for your hardware. You can also build your entire distribution with the GCC Stack-Smashing Protector enabled for enhanced security.


You can use dietlibc instead of the GNU LibC as your C library. That can be very useful e.g. for embedded systems.

And much more ...

Other options are: selection of an init-style, custom GNU configure options, cross-building, and much more. A major focus in the ROCK development always has been to make adding new features and config options as easy as possible.

What's New in This Release:
Packages can be forked (gcc=gcc3, gcc=gcc4) to reduce code duplication.
Packages can be split (gcc, gcc:doc, gcc:dev) to reduce necessary filesystem space after installation.
Postinstall scripts can be run to setup the application after installation rather than after compilation.
Every ROCK script now has a -help text.
udev has replaced devfs.
Toolchain compilation for cross-builds has been made easier.
Cluster Builds, Pseudonative Builds, and Cross Builds have been made easier.
Lots of other improvements were made, and practically all of the 1600 packages were updated.

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