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ROMA wants to change the way to do Java Applications

License: The Apache License 2.0
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Developer: Luca Garulli
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ROMA wants to change the way to do Java Applications. It's a Meta-Framework designed to build cross frameworks applications in very short time.

ROMA wants to glue the best of Java tools and frameworks together. ROMA doesn't want to reinvent the wheel or another brand new Web Framework, but just use the existent products with very low effort for the developer.

Here are some key features of "Roma Framework":
Roma it's totally based on POJO (Plain Old Java Objects)
True Object Oriented vision in all aspects: from the model to the view and to the repository/database
Encourage the use of the Domain Driven Model (DDD) approach: let's think to the Domain: the other things are secondary Aspects
It works with Conventions? ala Ruby On Rails: much less code to write and maintain and more uniformity in projects
Applications are fully portable across frameworks since the application is developed using POJOs. For example you can switch between JDO and EJB3 PersistenceAspect without changing code unless you use directly the aspect implementation (see below)
Allow to makes things dirty: you can use directly the target framework taking the full advantage of the implementation power
You can use the already developed Modules (CRUD, User&Profiles, etc.) and extend their if you need
The skill requested to build application can be lower than required for modern Java Web Applications: minor cost of development
Roma is based on Spring Framework as IoC container, but you can use another one if you want.

Java SDK 5.0+. Previous releases don't works since Roma uses Java5 features such as Annotation and Typed Collection.
Apache Ant version 1.6.5 (previous version should works too).

What's New in This Release:
New ETL aspect to import POJO from CSV files defining mapping rules by XPath
New rendering components (Accordion, ImageButton, Image, TableEdit) and enhanced existents
Integrated JSP module to use JSP along with Echo2 components
New Roma Test Presentation demo application
New IN operator in PersistenceAspect
Cache in database operations
Support for JDO2 Fetch Group to speed up queries
Enhanced USERS module with Active Sessions, Info Categories, and more
Tons of bugs fixed
Much other

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