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Room Juice is a multi-user jukebox web application

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 119K
Developer: Steve Grecni
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Room Juice is a multi-user jukebox web application. So it's basically an mpg321 / madplay / ogg123 / mikmod / xmp / whatever front end. It's designed to be simple to use and understand, and hopefully, not too difficult to install. The main way to listen to the music is locally, but by using a program such as darkice and icecast (listed below), you can stream the music to other people as well.

I wrote it because all other jukebox programs out at the time seemed inadequate in some sense or another, and I wanted something better, something that I could improve upon. Room Juice is developed under linux, but I don't see why you couldn't use it on other flavors of unix. A windows port wouldn't be easy because of the code's reliance on command line utilities ( mpg321 / mp3info / madplay / ogg123 / ogginfo / mikmod / xmp / locate ). It's GPL'd though, so do what you want with the code.

Basically you hit a web page, browse/search music files, add them to the playlist, or remove them. Hit play, the music starts. Hit stop, the music stops. Hit veto and the current song is stopped, a corny sound effect plays (or doesn't if you wish), and music continues on with the next song. The fun part is that you can give permissions by IP. The default is to give myself (192.168.1.*) absolute access; control of the music player, add, remove songs, and veto. While the rest of the world has access to browse my music and add songs to my playlist. All of this can, of course, be configured.

This application is great for multiple people in the same room (or irc channel if you want to stream it). The inspiration basically came from the movie "Empire Records" where characters in the movie would play music, and each had one veto a day. Currently everybody has unlimited vetos, mainly because I find the limitation of one veto a day annoying. BTW, if anyone can record me a clean sounding Empire Records "siren/scratch" sound effect, please do so!

web server, I use apache -
php - compiled as cgi version (you should have a "php" command) hint, compile php without telling it about your web server, and make sure to compile with --disable-magic-quotes - also interfaced with apache, either as static or a module
one or more of the follwing: mpg321 / madplay / ogg123 / mikmod / xmp
mp3info/ogginfo (for extra cool features, not required tho)
a web browser to access the app
some MP3s, OGGs, or something

What's New in This Release:
This release adds a dhtml countdown timer, id3v2 support using taginfo, some bugfixes, and minor display improvements.

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