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Rose::HTML::Form is a HTML form base class. SYNOPSIS package PersonForm; use Rose::HTML::Form; our @ISA = qw(Rose::HT

License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 105K
Developer: John C. Siracusa
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Rose::HTML::Form is a HTML form base class.


package PersonForm;

use Rose::HTML::Form;
our @ISA = qw(Rose::HTML::Form);

use Person;

sub build_form
my($self) = shift;

name => { type => 'text', size => 25, required => 1 },
email => { type => 'email', size => 50, required => 1 },
phone => { type => 'phone' },

sub validate
my($self) = shift;

# Base class will validate individual fields in isolation,
# confirming that all required fields are filled in, and that
# the email address and phone number are formatted correctly.
my $ok = $self->SUPER::validate(@_);
return $ok unless($ok);

# Inter-field validation goes here
if($self->field('name')->internal_value ne 'John Doe' &&
$self->field('phone')->internal_value =~ /^555/)
$self->error('Only John Doe can have a 555 phone number.');
return 0;

return 1;

sub init_with_person # give a friendlier name to a base-class method
my($self, $person) = @_;

sub person_from_form
my($self) = shift;

# Base class method does most of the work
my $person = $self->object_from_form(class => 'Person');

# Now fill in the non-obvious details...
# e.g., set alt phone to be the same as the regular phone

return $person;


# Sample usage in a hypothetical web application

$form = PersonForm->new;

# Get query parameters in a hash ref and pass to the form
my $params = MyWebServer->get_query_params();

# ...or initialize form params from a CGI object
# $form->params_from_cgi($cgi); # $cgi "isa" CGI

# ...or initialize params from an Apache request object
# (mod_perl 1 and 2 both supported)
# $form->params_from_apache($r);

# Initialize the fields based on params

return error_page(error => $form->error);

$person = $form->person_from_form; # $person is a Person object

$person = ...; # Get or create a Person object somehow

# Initialize the form with the Person object

# Pass the initialized form object to the template
display_page(form => $form);

Rose::HTML::Form is more than just an object representation of the HTML tag. It is meant to be a base class for custom form classes that can be initialized with and return "rich" values such as objects, or collections of objects.

Building up a reusable library of form classes is extremely helpful when building large web applications with forms that may appear in many different places. Similar forms can inherit from a common subclass, and forms may be nested.

This class inherits from, and follows the conventions of, Rose::HTML::Object. Inherited methods that are not overridden will not be documented a second time here. See the Rose::HTML::Object documentation for more information.


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