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rtkmerge is a GUI to the emerge command to handle packages under the Gentoo Linux Distrubution

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 12K
Developer: Daniel Forchheimer
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rtkmerge is a GUI to the emerge command to handle packages under the Gentoo Linux Distrubution. It was initially written to help when running 'emerge world' to update the entire system. I found that I sometimes didn't want to spend time on updating all the packages.

Preventing this would require to merge all programs one by one or fiddle with blocks. With rtkmerge you get all the outdated packages presented in a list and you can easily select which packages you want and don't want.

rtkmerge will then merge every package separately which also gives you the opportunity to set different USE-flags for different programs. This is useful for example if you want to install vim with X-support but emacs without X-support.

Even though the program is aimed at 'merging world' it can also be run to merge other packages. Any argument to rtkmerge is sent to emerge when creating the list of packages. Note that these options are not used when emerge is called the second time to actually merge. A reasonable usage of rtkmerge might be `rtkmerge world -u --deep` or `rtkmerge ruby`. The options -p and -v are always set.

rtkmerge doesn't handle dependencies itself, so you should always press the pretend-button to find out which packages will really be installed. A package that you have unchecked might still be installed if it is a dependency of some package that is checked. Hack the code if you want to change this.

What's New in This Release:
updated to work with latest portage (2.0.51)
Positive USE-flags should not have '+' infront
Make sure filesize doesnt come up as use-flag

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