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Samba Console is a web management console for Samba domain controlers

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: IDEALX S.A.S
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Samba Console is a web management console for Samba domain controlers. The goal is to give a better experience to the new Linux administrators that need to manage a production Samba server from anywhere using a simple web browser.

Samba Console project is developed by IDEALX. You probably already use the smbldap-tools we maintain.

Here are some key features of "Samba Console":
User account creation and management, with a simple, familiar interface
Simple group and computer management functions (LIST, CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE)
Support for Account Operator role : can only create and manage new accounts, can not raise privileges on the domain
Account policy viewing
Service management of the OpenLDAP server and the Samba server
Log visualization of Samba and OpenLDAP services, search and paginate through the logs
Service monitoring : CPU/IO graphs, directory usage graphs (with RRDTools)
Customizable password complexity checking (loadable Perl code)
Standard provisioning of account related resources : home directories, profile directories
Optionnal site-specific provisioning callbacks (messaging or OpenXchange synchronisation, for example)
Manage a domain controler without the need for windows tools (NT4 usrmgr.exe or MMC)
Compatible with the schema and directory structure created by the smbldap-tools

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