Scivi 0.2.0 RC3 review

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Scivi is a visualization plugin for X Multimedia System

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Vitaly V. Bursov
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Scivi is a visualization plugin for X Multimedia System. Scivi plugin uses 3D Accelerated hardware, but is not actually 3D.

Here are some key features of "Scivi":
Low CPU Usage because of 3D accelerated hardware. All effects including potentially expensive complex image transformations are done in hardware. So, if you have a fast video card, your CPU most of a time will be idle!
Powerful C-style Scripting Language will help you to program your own nice presets! The visualization is under your control!
Root-window rendering supported. Put a nice video effects on your desktop! This feature is window-manager dependent. KDE and GNOME probably won't work Press 'V' to switch to root-window mode.
Full-screen rendering. Planned.

A fast 3D T&L accelerated video card with OpenGL support.
GLX version 1.3 is preferred but 1.2 should work with some restrictions
If GLX version 1.2 is used, screen must be at least in 24bpp color depth mode to get appropriate results. For GLX 1.3 15bpp or 16bpp mode can be used - internal rendering is done in 24bpp

What's New in This Release:
Added Scivi Control Window for root window mode
Create configuration file if one does not exists
New improved Sleep-driven fps contol added to work with 2.6 Linux kernels
minor bugfixes

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