Seagull PHP Application Framework 0.6.1 review

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License: BSD License
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Developer: Demian Turner
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Seagull is an OO PHP framework with the core modules licensed under BSD, and has the following design goals:

independence of data, logic & presentation layers
extensible component architecture
reduction of repetitive programming tasks
simplifying data access
comprehensive error handling
action request workflow
simplified form handling
component reuse
authentication management
integration with PEAR libraries
PHP coding standards
platform/PHP version/browser independence
self-generating documentation
quality end user docs

There are some default modules that come with the framework, these handle tasks related to:

user/group management
content management
document management
category management

What's New in This Release:
Fixed many Translation2 bugs (Dmitri Lakachauskis)
Improved functionality for CGI users (Dmitri Lakachauskis)
Fixed problems where reinstall installed all modules (Dmitri Lakachauskis)
Fixed safe delete problem (Dmitri Lakachauskis)
Cleaned up ModuleGenerationMgr, added more error checking
Fixed potential security hole with tinyFCK (Andreas Singer)
Added missing dbdo include that caused error with caching enabled
Improvements to error handling for production environments
Fixed problem where CategoryNav block didn't work correctly for php4 users
Fixed horizontal scrolling in msie

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