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SendIP is a command-line tool to send arbitrary IP packets

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 50K
Developer: Mike Ricketts
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SendIP is a command-line tool to send arbitrary IP packets. It has a large number of options to specify the content of every header of a RIP, RIPng, BGP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, or raw IPv4/IPv6 packet.

It also allows any data to be added to the packet. Checksums can be calculated automatically, but if you wish to send out wrong checksums, that is supported too.

Here is a list of protocols that SendIP currently understands:

IPv4 (but see below section 7)
IPv6 (except on solaris)

Other protocols will be added in future versions, as and when I have time to add them.

Of course, it is still possible to send packets using other protocols, but you have to construct the packet data and headers entirely by hand.


make ; make install should work.
You MUST use GNU make.
On Solaris you need to use gcc-3.x or above, and GNU binutils.
On other platforms, you probably need gcc-2.x or above.

If you have install problems on Solaris, try:
make install INSTALL=/usr/ucb/install

If you can't persuade it to compile or install, mail me with details of what goes wrong, and what system you are trying to install it on.
By this I mean at least:

- output of make -k veryclean all install
- OS, including version
- version of make, gcc, etc
- version of sendip
- anything else you think might be relevant

You can change where it installs by changing BINDIR and/or PREFIX at the top of the Makefile.

A .spec file is included to build RPMS, and source and binary RPMS are also available from the web page. Debian packages are also available, and sendip is included in the FreeBSD ports collection.


SendIP can take a huge number of commandline parameters. For this reason, future versions may have some sort of user interface...

Please read the man page or sendip -h for details. They are not documented here because they change often between versions and I can't be bothered to keep this up to date.

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