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I suggested a kcontrol option for enabling and disabling ACTIONS for different file types

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I suggested a kcontrol option for enabling and disabling ACTIONS for different file types. This way, service menus would be installed and managed easier (if that control center window has that function too,it would be nice) aand maybe you will have the option to choose which actions that KIM (kde image service menu)(for example) is capable of is shown in your right click menu when you choose a jpg file...

Also an option to install the service menu just for the user that opened kcontrol (somewhere in /home/~/.kde/.../konqueror/services...) or for all users [the checkbox],requiring a root password (to copy the needed files in the needed by the service menu directories)...

Also the service menu management control center should have the option to move up and down a service menu in the -right-click-ACTIONS> sub menu.

There should be the option to pick selectably the submenus from the installed service menu and add only the ones you would like to have for the file type(for instance you can add kim-resize picture and under it you can take a submenu from a k3b service menu (add to data disc) and put it right under it for the jpg filetype (see the screenshot).

Some service menus,like kim's selected "webexport" should have a '>' sign at the end of their names,showing that they have an included submenu,that cannot be picked/changes sepparatelly.So if 'web export is added',you dont have the option to pick which 'webexport' options should be included in the 'web export' submenu (we have to have some borders,right?)..

Another suggestion is that if a service menu is installed for all users (using the root password),it should be marked with red fonts in the service list and if promped for uninstallation,it should ofcourse ask for the root password.

And...since the kde service menus were handled the old fashionate way since this idea popped into my mind (with scripts that coppied a bunch of files,orr by hand with a READme instruction (which is a pain in the neck really)),service menus should be able to be installed the old fashionate way too,but they should be packed in special 'kde service menu' packages,that are handled by kcontrol.This would greatly improve kde's support for service menus.

This will also resolve the clutterness/bloatness that some service menus tend to create,giving the choice in the hands of the user as to what from the service menu he/she would like to be included in the right-click menu.

What's New in This Release:
added a new mockup,which is more simple and intuitive

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