SFS-KNOPPIX 3.6-20041115 review

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SFS-KNOPPIX is a kind of KNOPPIX which boots form Internet with a cloop on SFS (Self-certifying File System)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 21904K
Developer: SFS-KNOPPIX Team
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SFS-KNOPPIX is a kind of KNOPPIX which boots form Internet with a cloop on SFS (Self-certifying File System). SFS-KNOPPIX requires small boot loader (20MB image) and offers full KNOPPIX functions, Autoconfig, etc.

SFS-KNOPPIX makes possible to change a cloop file (root file system of KNOPPIX) at boot time. It means we don't need to burn extra CD for many KNOPPIX offshoots.

SFS-KNOPPIX uses the same cloop file of KNOPPIX. The difference is the location of cloop file and boot method. SFS-KNOPPIX can work as normal KNOPPIX. It works Autoconfig and Hard Disk installer.

SFS-KNOPPIX has three boot variations; CD-boot, USB-boot and coLinux.

The summary of benefits is as follows.

Here are some key features of "SFS KNOPPIX":
Network traffic is reduced.
The Download image of SFS-KNOPPIX is only 20MB, although normal KNOPPIX is 700MB.
After boot, only necessary cloop blocks are downloaded. The blocks are compressed.
It requires 50MB download to boot KDE window manager.
SFS-KNOPPIX is compatible for normal KNOPPIX. (CD and USB boot version only)
It uses same kernel version and cloop file. AutoConfig loads same device drivers.
Hard Disk installer works in the same manner.
On USB version. It does not required to burn a CD-ROM.
The bootability is depend on BIOS on each PC.
On coLinux version. It can boot with any cloop file, because coLinux is independent form device drivers."

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