Shibboleth 2.2.1 review

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Shibboleth is a privacy and security-aware mailing list manager

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Matt Curtin
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Shibboleth is a privacy and security-aware mailing list manager. Internet mailing lists today suffer from the problem of their vulnerability to exploitation by those who seek to use the Internet's dynamics to their own selfish advantage. Marketers, spies, and other unscrupulous Internet users have been able to force their way into private communities, disrupting what they found, sometimes even destroying what they found.

Others will attempt to assassinate the character of others by impersonating them, recognizing the ease of forging messages from others, and understanding that the number of people who can identify a forgery by reading Internet mail protocol headers is comparatively low.

Here are some key features of "Shibboleth":
User verification
Digest handling
Address standardization
Header canonicalization
File serving
Header-based passwords
PGP Support
Remote e-mail based management

What's New in This Release:
src/ Implemented 'update-aliases' command
src/ Untainted system() calls since 5.8.x is more strict on these

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