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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Vladimir Shutoff and Christian Ehrlicher
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SIM Instant Messenger provides an plugins-based instant messenger with support for various protocols.

Based on the Qt library it works on X11 (optional with KDE-support), MS Windows and MacOS X.

Main modules

Core (_core) is the program interface
Migrate (__migrate) Converts the old SIM 0.8.3-settings to the new 0.9x format
Homedir (__homedir) sets the configuration-directory

Protocols modules

All protocols support richtext-messages, file transfer, typing notification, server-side contact list (with postponed synchronization - you can change contact list in offline mode and after log on all changes will be synchronized with server), new account registration, various searches and HTTP-polling.

You can use multiple accounts for each protocol.

Oscar - ICQ and AIM support

What's New in This Release:
Main system
[+] New logo
[*] Updated translations
[*] Fixed multiple pictures/logo in contact tips
[*] Weather translation updates
[*] JEP-0022 conformant typing notification
[*] Allow auth messages for transports

[*] Added ICQ client detection
[+] Added MD5 auth for ICQ
[-] Fixed ICQ user info saving

[*] Better AuthGranted/MessageAuthRefused handling for Jabber
[-] fixed support ignore case Jabber protocol
[*] Ignore jid's letter case
[-] Small Jabber settings UI fix
[*] Show protocol icons for jabber transports in roster
[*] Detect jabber transports by missing "@" symbol in jid

[*] Updated password recovery url for MSN

[*] Added support for autoconf 2.60
[-] Fix for GNOME, xfce etc systemtray issues
[*] Use strcasecmp instead of stricmp
[*] Ignore multiple Contacts with the same name
[*] Turn off by default "Automatically use HTTP polling if proxy required",
[*] Save state on system logout with Qt Session Management
[-] Fix context menu shortcuts in dialog window
[*] Update libtool files
[-] Fix network reconnect when reconnect timer is active and error occurs
[*] Removed "
"s from endings of default status messages
[*] Updated icons
[-] Fixed bug with the one pixel growing window on docking left or right at screen, or simply show/hide via systray
[-] Area Code is not Postleitzahl ;)
[-] Fixed global shortcuts on X11 qt-only build
[-] Fixed birthday flag handling

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