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Simple Flash Menu allows fast constructing nested menus for html pages (like on left side of this page), simply by editing xml file

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Kain
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Simple Flash Menu allows fast constructing nested menus for html pages (like on left side of this page), simply by editing xml file. No, don't afraid, xml knowledge isn't required, look on example and make similar.

This done with macromedia flash, you must place on server flash script which will analyze xml file and draw menus depending on its contest (about 10KB) and xml file or multiple xml files describing your menus. Nothing more must be done.

Now available two versions: one - very small without any decorations, and a bit larger with simple menu decorations. You can choose depending on your needs.

Requirements: any browser with Macromedia Flash Player 5 or Macromdia Flash Player 6 (MX) plugin. Wouldn't work with Flash Player 4 and earliers.

Tested in Internet Explorer 6.0, 6.0 SP1; Mozilla 0.9.8 - 1.2b (aka Netscape 6-7); Netscape 4.78; Opera 6.0 - 6.0.4, 7.0b1 in Linux and Windows enviroments.

menu_file xml file load menu from
html_width horizontal space on html page conducted for menu
html_height vertical space on html page conducted for menu
window open all links in specified window
jscript instead of opening window call specified javascript function with parameters: href,jattr,state. Only one window or jscript can be selected
jattr optional javascript function argument
state specifies current menu state (i.e. which submenus open and which closed)
font_size labels font size for all menu items (default: 36)
left_margin menu left margin (default: 5)
up_margin menu upper margin (default: 5)
submenu_indention indention of all submenu items in pixels (default: 20)
menuitems_overlap specifies distance between menu items, positive numbers defines overlapping menu items (default: 0.2)
decor enable decorations (only 1.1.x)
decor_width decoration width
decor_spacing white space between decoration and menu label
send_state Boolean, specifies if state parameter (information which submenus open, which closed) by default must be sent to all pages, opened from menu, or not (default is to send).
fg Specifies foreground color for inactive item (fg="#0000FF")
afg Specifies foreground color for active item (afg="#FF0000")
bg Specifies background color for inactive item (bg="255,128,0,100" - here 255 - red component, 128 - green component, 0 - blue component, 100 - alpha; "255,255,255,100" is visble white, "0,0,0,0" - invisible black)
abg Specifies background color for active item (some as bg)
dfg Specifies decoration color inactive item (some as bg)
adfg Specifies decoration color for active item (some as bg)

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