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SimpleLogBook is a simple (obviously) pilot's logbook

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 47K
Developer: Vrai Stacey
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SimpleLogBook is a simple (obviously) pilot's logbook. SimpleLogBook is at a very early stage at the moment and can only record basic flight information (take a look at the screen shots below). The flight information is stored as an XML file and can currently be used to calculate total flight time across one or more flights.

Immediate plans for development include a greatly increased time calculating facility; allowing the calculation of total time spent flying each plane type, in each operating capability and under which conditions.

Longer term plans include the addition of filters, to limit the flights displayed, the ability to attach more complex data (e.g. photos) to each flight and a print function.


To run the application either double click on its icon or run it from the command-line; the main flight window will be displayed upon startup. Logbooks can be created, loaded and saved via the File menu. The Flights menu contains the functionality for adding, deleting and editing flights. This menu also contains the total flying time calculation function.

Right-clicking on the flights table will duplicate the Flights menu.

The new/edit flight dialog contains all the fields found in a standard paper log book. Hitting OK will save any changes you have made, Cancel will abandon them.

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