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Simulacrum is a Java applet/application that requires no additional modules or libraries

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: DavidZ
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Simulacrum is a Java applet/application that requires no additional modules or libraries. It is extremely easy to run and install. The image content is extracted from each RSS item's description tag, and is displayed in the application window. The application is written with the facility for editing, removing, or hiding select feeds.

In addition to basic slideshow controls, the application enables the toggling of the feed display, toggling of the menu bar display, toggling of each image's information, and toggling of the window frame (this feature is not available in applet mode).

To toggle the display of the feeds, select "Sources / [ ] View Feeds". This will display a list of the available feeds. While in this view, additional feed information is available by selecting "Sources / Display >". This will toggle the visibility of additional columns that contain information extracted from the RSS feed. If there was an error loading the feed, these columns will be blank, as the data could not be retrieved.

To toggle the display of the menu bar, simply press and release the right mouse button once. On Macintosh, hold down the command (squiggly) key, and press the mouse once.

To toggle the display of image information, select "Image / [ ] Image Info". This will overlay on the image the RSS and for the image. This link is clickable in applet mode.

If the application is running, it is possible to turn off the window frame (title bar and borders). To do so, select "Main / [x] Framed". This will cause the application window to flicker, and the title bar and borders have been removed. In order to load them again, enable the checkbox in the menu.

Java 1.3+

What's New in This Release:
Commented the main program.
Commented the image info.
Commented the status icon.
Commented the position manager.
Commented the threaded loader.
Checked to make sure the URL is formatted properly in the loader before attempting to load.
Added timeout delay to the image scroller, so that a bogus image will not hang up the scroller's operation.

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