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Skeleton Pro is a Swing demo application that can help you get started with Swing

License: Freeware
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Developer: JGoodies
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Skeleton Pro is a Swing demo application that can help you get started with Swing. Skeleton Pro project incorporates user interface and architectural patterns that scale well up to medium sized applications.

Skeleton Pro comes with, utilizes and demos the JGoodies Swing Suite.

Here are some key features of "Skeleton Pro":
Better application startup process:
brings up a splash with progress indicator; configures and restores the UI; configures and uses logging; configures preferences; finally launches and prepares Swing.
Better integration with the Mac OS X:
hooks into the application menu; avoids duplicate menu items; better toolbar buttons; better dock icon when minimized.
Stores and restores state via user preferences:
Window position and size, panel layout, look&feel and theme
More default dialogs: Welcome, License, Preferences, Tip of the day, About
Uses the global (static) help system
Provides a dynamic help system
Can switch look&feel at runtime
Logs runtime errors to a logfile
Uses anti-aliased components
Provides consistent dialog layout and design

User's Guide:

The application is about editing propeller shaft data. It has been extracted from a real-world application that helps ship inspectors check and verify whether a propeller shaft complies with a set of building rules for ship and machinery.

You can either create a new project, or load an existing. In both cases, this demo will create a sample project. You can browse the project components in the navigator, in the left. If you select a node in the navigator, an appropriate viewer shows up on the right side.

Java 1.4.2 or later

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