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Skippy is what (I think) is best described as a full-screen task-switcher for X11

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 23K
Developer: Hyriand
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Skippy is what (I think) is best described as a full-screen task-switcher for X11. It tries to provide an alternative when taskbars or regular task-switchers aren't the most efficient way of switching tasks (like when you have a lot of applications open).

When activated (currently only through a hotkey), it will arrange and scale snapshots of all windows on the current desktop and it'll let you pick a window using a mouse or a keyboard.

Yes, this is also what expocity and Apple's Expose do (yeah, I know, Expose does more than just this), but I don't like metacity (expocity is a 'hacked up' version of that) and I don't have a Mac.


Skippy's pretty easy to use. Just compile (and optionally install) it, and press the hotkey (the default hotkey is F11). Then choose a window with either the keyboard (you can use up, down, left and right to navigate) or the mouse (just hover over a window) and activate it by pressing the left mouse button or the return or spacebar key.

There are also two or three modifiers you can use with the hotkey: hold Control and Skippy (not used in Skippy-XD) will update the snapshots of all the windows. Hold Mod1 (aka the alt key) and skippy will only show the windows of the currently focused window's window group (like, all of gimp's windows, or all of kopete's windows), and if Skippy or Skippy-XD is compiled with Xinerama support and you have several heads, hold shift while pressing the hotkey to make it show the windows on all heads.

An X11R6 server
Xft - the X Font library
Imlib2 (only for 'regular' Skippy, not skippy-XD)
XRender, XComposite, XDamage and XFixes extensions (only for Skippy-XD)
A NETWM or GNOME WM Specs compliant window-manager.

What's New in This Release:
Properly unmap mini-windows if their client vanishes
New ignoreSkipTaskbar configuration option (general section) to make skippy ignore application's requests to hide from the taskbar
Fix for weird condition grouping Gimp (and most likely others as well)
Escape button closes the Skippy window and restores focus
Restore the window stacking order after snapping windows
Fixed sticky / omnipresent windows when using a GNOME WM Spec WM.
Added "useNETWMFullscreen" boolean to the config's [general] section.
Set it to false if your WM doesn't handle _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN corectly (option doesn't do anything if your WM doesn't support this state)
In case of Xinerama, show only windows that are at least partially visible on the current head (use the new Shift modifier to show windows from all heads). Shift / non-shift behaviour can be toggled in ~/.skippyrc by setting the 'showAll' option to 'true' in the [xinerama] section.
Added basic Xinerama support. Skippy will only show itself on head that the mouse is on.

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