SKopete 1.2.9 review

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SKopete is a SuperKaramba interface to Kopete

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 100K
Developer: kovidgoyal
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SKopete is a SuperKaramba interface to Kopete.

Note: The first time it runs, it will show all online contacts. Once you run the config dialog and click OK, it will only show the contacts you have selected to be monitored.

Here are some key features of "SKopete":
Displays the Kopete contact list on the desktop. Support automatic and configurable positioning/resizing
Displayed contacts are configurable
Has the buddy pounce/notification feature. See screenshot of config dialog
Has basic Kopete controls (Online, Offline, Away and Start Chat)
Indicates basic presence status (online, offline and away) for all contacts
Resource (dcop calls) usage is independent of number of contacts
For theme developers. I have built on the SKoot API to create basic layout management and event dispatching classes. They are independent of SKopete (see If there's interest, I'll post a link to the API docs. Similarly the communication with Kopete is in a independent backend (

Ensure Kopete is running
In the config dialog, you can specify which contacts should be monitored, and also whether to display offline contacts
By default SKopete, automatically resizes and repositions itself as contacts go online/offline. If you want it to stay in place, choose the manual layout policy in the Look&Feell section of the config dialog
You can select custom photos as well a notifications and pounces for all contacts in the Buddies section of the config dialog.
If you make any changes to the contact list in Kopete, you should reload SKopete via the right click menu

KDE >= 3.5.0
SuperKaramba >= 0.37
Python >= 2.4
PyQt >= 3.14
PyKDE (Optional): Only tested with PyKDE from the kdebindings module. Gentooers please use the (kde-base/pyde-3.5.0 ebuild)
kttsd (Optional): Enables speaking out of notifications

What's New in This Release:
Fixed IRC bug with kopete 0.12

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