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SLAMPP is a generic linux distribution which can boot and run directly off CD-ROM and has possibility to be installed onto harddisk

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 427788K
Developer: Kemas Yunus Antonius
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SLAMPP is a generic linux distribution which can boot and run directly off CD-ROM and has possibility to be installed onto harddisk. SLAMPP Live CD is designed to be used as an instant home server.

Just like another linux live CD available at this moment, SLAMPP gives a linux newbie a chance to test linux without messing up the existing system of the user.

What makes it different is the fact that SLAMPP comes with preconfigured tools and applications that turn your personal computer to a home server. Can you imagine how handy it is to have and carry a linux live CD that provides all things you need to setup such kind of server?

SLAMPP is built using SLAX as its base and Slackware linux for packages. This means you are going to have two powerful distros in one, although SLAX is also based on Slackware linux. To compile all things into a working live CD, linux live scripts is used intensively.

Here are some key features of "SLAMPP Live CD":
Turning your personal computer to an instant home server which provides common servers, such as: HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP, SSH, DHCP, Squid, etc.
Modularity. You can add additional tools and applications easily in form of modules. Each new module will be integrated seamlessly during booting process and is ready to use. Beside all modules provided in the live CD, you can also make or create you own modules. All tools to do this can be found in the live CD.
Webmasters and web developers can use SLAMPP to show their work to others. To support this feature special scripts have been provided in the live CD. They only need to burn all files onto the CD and SLAMPP will take care of the rest.
Using linux kernel 2.6 which provides better support for hardware.
All settings and configuration made during use can be stored in harddisk and restored for next session.
It can be installed onto harddisk if you want to employ the server permanently.
Equipped with firewall, antivirus and content scanner.
Using slapt-get, Autopackage and swaret for package management tools and Xfce as desktop environment.


Desktop: Xfce 4.2.2
HTTP/HTTPS: Apache with various mods, SSL will be provided as built-in feature.
SSL certificates generator scripts.
FTP: ProFTPd, GProFTPD (GUI), vsftpd
SMTP: Sendmail
POP/IMAP: Dovecot
DHCP: server and client, GDHCPD (GUI)
Proxy: Squid, sarg
Programming and web development tools
Languages: PHP 4.4.0, Perl 5.8.7, Python 2.4.1
HTML and text editor: Bluefish 1.0.2, TEA 10.2, NVU 1.0PR
Database: MySQL 4.1.14
Webmin / Usermin / Virtualmin
Firewall: Firehol / Linux Firewall
Network: Cacti, Nagios, Ethereal, NMAP, Snort, gFTP, Webalizer
P2P: BitTorrent protocol, tracker and client
Antivirus and content scanner: ClamAV, Fetcav (GUI)
Internet: Mozilla Firefox (loaded with many extensions and plugins), Lynx, Pine, Gaim
Graphics: Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, GQView
Utilities: BashBurn, Dufie, Htop, PuTTY, Xpdf, CUPS
Emulator: QEMU
Package management: slapt-get/gslapt, pkgtool, autopackage, swaret.
Read all packages that have been installed: PackagesList

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