Smake 1.2a39 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 381K
Developer: J?rg Schilling
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Smake is a highly portable make program with automake features.

Smake is targeted to be used with the makefiles system as well as with any general purpose make task.

makefiles allows to mount a source tree via NFS and simultaneous compilation on all supported platforms

makefiles therefore allows to re-use a source tree for all supported platforms in favor of the GNU concept of untar -> configure -> make -> install -> remove

makefiles is best used with smake for convenience and easier debugging because gnu make does not run on all platforms smake does and because gnu make does not allow to do Makefile debugging

Since smake-1.2a26, smake includes a general set of built in default make rules, this allows smake to be used as a general purpose make program.

What's New in This Release:
The licence was changed from the GPL to the CDDL.
The string length limitation for words read from Makefiles has been removed.
Macro expansion no longer uses static length limitations.
The new Special Target ".SPACE_IN_NAMES:" allows you to have escaped spaces in object or dependency names, which helps to create auto-dependencies for the Microsoft C compiler.
The Makefile system now includes the environment setup for the Microsoft C compiler.

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