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SmsDumper is a Java client for the Clickatell service to send SMSes to GSM mobile phones from the Internet

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SmsDumper is a Java client for the Clickatell service to send SMSes to GSM mobile phones from the Internet. The subscription to this service is free, and you get 10 free credits at registration. You can then buy more credits to continue tu use the service.

I think this service is quite convenient as the cost of an SMS is generally cheaper than average rates. You can alse set the number of the sender so that the receiver can't see any difference between an SMS sent from this service and one sent from your mobile.

Contact list

The main panel of SmsDumper contains your contact list: you can add contacts, and for each contact, you can set how many mobile numbers you need.

Double-clicking on a number allows you to send SMS messages to the network.

Send Sms to the network

To send an SMS message you must open the "sms" panel.

Here are the fields you use to compose the message: the sender number (you can use alphanumeric characters, but my advice is to set it with your number with the leading +, so the receiver can retrieve your name from his phone book), the destination number (without the leading +), and the message. It will be reported also the contact name if you use a number registered into the contact list.

When you type into the message textarea you can see the message length and the number of concatenated SMS messages.

You can also set the time of delivery selecting with how many minutes of delay send the message.

Setting the message's priority as AUTO the system try to send the message through the lowest cost network: if it fails, it automacally grow up to the next better queue. If you want you can choose manually the queue to use (high, medium or low priority).

Finally if you want to make the message appears immediately on the display of the receiver you can set the Flash message checkbox.

When the form is filled you can send the message.

The "V" button near the "To" field allows you to check if the destination network is covered by the service and the cost of an SMS sent to that network. Remember that it only checks if the network is reachable, not if the number is real!

When you send an SMS you can check the delivery status by clicking on the "Show status of last Sms sent" button.

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