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SOAP::WSDL is a Perl module. SYNOPSIS use SOAP::WSDL; my $soap=SOAP::WSDL->new( wsdl => '' )

License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 13K
Developer: Martin Kutter
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SOAP::WSDL is a Perl module.



my $soap=SOAP::WSDL->new( wsdl => '' )
->proxy( '');


my $som=$soap->call( 'method' => [
{ name => value },
{ name => 'value' } ]);

SOAP::WSDL provides decent WSDL support for SOAP::Lite. It is built as a add-on to SOAP::Lite, and will sit on top of it, forwarding all the actual request-response to SOAP::Lite - somewhat like a pre-processor.

WSDL support means that you don't have to deal with those bitchy namespaces some web services set on each and every method call parameter.

It also means an end to that nasty

SOAP::Data->name( 'Name' )->value(
SOAP::Data->name( 'Sub-Name')->value( 'Subvalue' )

encoding of complex data. (Another solution for this problem is just iterating recursively over your data. But that doesn't work if you need more information [e.g. namespaces etc] than just your data to encode your parameters).

And it means that you can use ordinary hashes for your parameters - the encording order will be derived from the WSDL and not from your (unordered) data, thus the problem of unordered perl-hashes and WSDL >sequence< definitions is solved, too. (Another solution for the ordering problem is tying your hash to a class that provides ordered hashes - Tie::IxHash is one of them).


What's New in This Release:
lsc removed "use" dependency on Cache::FileCache. require'ing it instead.

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