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PkgTools are a set of utilities which are used to aid in the building of native Solaris packages

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PkgTools are a set of utilities which are used to aid in the building of native Solaris packages. There are five separate utilities which are used to build packages, prepare a chroot() environment to install software into prior to building a package, copy package control scripts into place, a tool to aid in the starting of new projects, and a tool to check that packages are installed correctly.

Currently there are four tools in this set:

This is used to actually build the Solaris package, calling chroot-install if required.
A utility which creates an environment suitable for calling chroot() on and allowing the user to install software into it.
A utility which asks the user questions and then copies files and directories from a specified template directory and performs macro expansion on them. This is designed to aid in the initial setup of the home directory of a new project.
A very similar utility to proj-template. However it does not ask questions and only deals with the setting up of a simple InstallPackage. This is useful when dealing with 3rd party software which just needs to have a number of package control scripts put into the package.
A utility which can be used to check to see if packages are installed correctly. It can also be given a pathname to check on which packages said pathname is a part of.

It should be noted that simple-proj is really proj-template wearing a different hat.

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