Sony RM-X2S XMMS Plugin 1.3 review

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Sony RM-X2S XMMS Plugin plugin lets you control XMMS with a Sony RM- X2S joystick

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 297K
Developer: Dirk Jagdmann
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Sony RM-X2S XMMS Plugin plugin lets you control XMMS with a Sony RM- X2S joystick. These joysticks are typically shipped with certain car radios. The use of similar devices from other vendors should be possible. The joystick is connected to the standard game port.


Compile and install the plugin source with:

make install

You can supply the following options to configure:


enable debugging prints


enable localization

You can insert module options into /etc/modules.conf to load the joystick module automatically by make installmodule.

If you are not root, or don't want to install into the global plugin directory use make install-home to install the plugin to your private xmms directory (~/.xmms).

Setup in XMMS

Now start xmms and get the plugin configuration panel with CTRL+p. Select the plugin and click the Configure button (picture).

Check the device setting. If you have only one joystick port, the default of /dev/js0 should be fine. (picture)

Calibrate the joystick. The systems needs to perform 4 measurements each lasting 2 seconds. If you press the calibration button the first measure will start and a popup window will appear after 2 seconds. (picture)

Press the OFF Button on your Sonystick on click OK. Leave the button pressed during the measurement (2 seconds) until the text in the popup window changes

Now the same procedure with the MUTE Button

Now press no button on the sonystick

Now set the precision to 5. If you experience difficulties when using the joystick (events without touching the joystick or some buttons having the same event) you can alter this setting. Lower values make the joystick more precise, thus harder to control.

Configure the buttons. A beep indicates that an event was successfully recorded.

Pressing the OK Button to save the configuration. Cancel will not save any changes made to the configuration.

Finally you can enable the plugin in the XMMS preferences window.


What's New in This Release:
This release fixes calibration and joystick detection. It has been tested with Linux 2.6.

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