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Spam Trainer makes it easier for GNOME users to train spam filtering software (e.g

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Graham Ashton
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Spam Trainer makes it easier for GNOME users to train spam filtering software (e.g. SpamBayes or SpamAssassin) that "learns" how to tell the difference between real email (ham) and unsolicited messages (spam).

Not all email clients have spam filtering (and training) built in, and training external filtering programs can be fiddly.

Spam Trainer was written to provide easy (drag and drop) training from the Evolution mail client, and should work just as well with any email client that supports the drag and drop protocol implemented by the GTK+ toolkit.



Right click to access the Preferences menu and setup your training commands (see screenshots).
Drop email messages onto the OK icon to train them as ham, or the bomb to train them as spam.

The messages that are dropped onto Spam Trainer are stored in temporary files, which can then be referred to from your training commands by the string %f. For example, to pass spam to SpamBayes' script on standard input, use the command: -s < %f

If you drop several messages at a time Evolution will batch them up into an mbox file, which will be passed to your training script.

What's New in This Release:
It's been a long time coming, but 0.1.4 fixes a niggling little bug that's been annoying me for a while; in previous releases you couldn't tell if the ham/spam training commands completed successfully.
In release 0.1.4 a message pops up to alert you if there was a problem.
I've also added tooltips to make it more obvious how to train on a message.

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