Splash 1.1 for Thunderbird review

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License: MPL (Mozilla Public License)
File size: 20K
Developer: aldreneo
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Splash is a Thunderbird extension that adds a custom splash screen at startup.

Also with sound features, customize everything from loading message to font .

Here are some key features of "Splash":
Option to close Splash screen immediately after browser window opens
Button to browse locally for splash image and/or startup sound
Auto splash image size detection and padding refactoring

What's New in This Release:
Added: Option to show progress meter below loading text (on by default)
Updated: Due to a few changes with preferences, all previous options will be reset with this version
Fixed: Sound not playing or being cut short should be resolved if you have "Close Splash when main window loads" disabled
Fixed: Splash image will no longer look distorted
Fixed: Window will now resize based on the size of the text area (still working on newline feeds)
Fixed: Resolved several window resizing issues
Fixed: Preview image was not being reset if "Reset All" was used
Fixed: The startup sound issues if user is using multiple windows instead of single window tab mode.
Fixed: Resolved issue with being able to apply style to main window
Fixed: Background image issue with Noia themes and transparent splash image

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