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Splashy is a boot splash program that doesn't require patching the Linux kernel

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Luis M and Otavio Salvador
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Splashy is a boot splash program that doesn't require patching the Linux kernel. Splashy project paints graphic images directly to framebuffers using libdirectfb.

VGA settings
640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024
256 colors 768 771 773 775
32K colors 784 787 790 793
64K colors 785 788 791 794
16M colors 786 789 792 795

For 1024x768 at 16bit (64K colors or "thousands of colors") you could pass an argument to the kernel like:


These values could be used in base16 also (hexadecimal) like:


To pass arguments to the kernel, you would need to edit your boot-loader:

1. Grub /boot/grub/menu.lst
hint, in debian, look for "#kopt" and append vga=0x317 to that line. Then run update-grub. Other distros edit the kernel root= line appropriately
2. Lilo /etc/lilo.conf
hint, look for the default image= and edit append= by appending vga=0x317 to it
3. Quik /etc/quik.conf
on PPC machines. Append vga=0x317 to the kernel argument line

What's New in This Release:
Notes: * Minor bug fix: This release fixed problems where lsb-base-logging.sh and splashy-update-progress-steps needed RUNLEVEL to be defined and where splashy-update-progress-steps had a problem when scripts did not all log_end_msg before the progress bar reached 100%.
/lib/splashy is now created as it is needed by the initrc scripts.
A script to prevent console-screen.sh from running was included.

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