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Split-Dist calculates the number of splits (edges) that differs for two trees

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 47K
Developer: Thomas Mailund
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Split-Dist calculates the number of splits (edges) that differs for two trees. The split-dist program, sdist reads in a set of trees in Newick format and calculates which of the edges/splits are shared between them. The result is given in the form of a matrix, where entry i,j gives the number of edges in tree i that are also found in tree j.

Statistics about the splits not shared between two trees can also be calculated. This is done by considering, for each non-trivial split-splits with more than a leaf element on both sides of the edge-the size of the smallest of the two sets in the split A|B. The maximal, minimal and averge size of the smallest set in the splits not shared are calculated and reported. This statistics gives an indication of how "local" the differences are between the two trees-if the smallest set is small, the edge that differs gives a difference in a small sub-tree, if the set is larger, the difference is more global.

The tool can also calculate the set of splits found in any tree (with a count of how often the split is found) and the set of splits shared by all trees in the set.
Information about which splits in one tree are also found in the other trees can be reported in an annotated tree. This tree, output in Newick format, has the same topology as the first tree, but the edges are written as sub-tree f:branch-length, where f is the fraction of the trees that contains the edge, i.e., 1 if the edge is supported by all trees or 0.5 if only half the trees contains the edge.


The Split-Dist package is written in C++. It should compile on any Unix like system. To install the package, download the source code and unpack it (tar xzf split-dist-a.b.c.tar.gz, where a.b.c is the version number of split-dist), then run configure and make in the subdirectory split-dist-a.b.c created during unpacking. This creates the split-dist program, sdist together with a number of test programs. To check that everything went right, run make check. If all tests pass, install the sdist program by running make install. Read the INSTALL file for more info.

What's New in This Release:
A missing virtual destructor was fixed.

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