Spyrius 1.1.3 review

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Spyrius is an extensible multithreaded superdaemon

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 411K
Developer: Mark Lindner
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Spyrius is an extensible multithreaded superdaemon. Spyrius is essentially a TCP server that manages loadable modules ("plug-ins").

Each module represents a network service that can be loaded into or unloaded from the daemon on-the-fly. Worker threads are spawned to handle incoming client connections.

A client can communicate with several modules in the course of one session with the daemon. The daemon itself can be administered over a TCP connection.

This package is a prototype or proof-of-concept and as such it is not fully implemented. There are some missing features, but the existing codebase is clean and well-documented to allow for easy modification.

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