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SQL::Amazon::UserGuide is a Perl module with user Guide for DBD/SQL::Amazon. SYNOPSIS # # create the par

License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 57K
Developer: Presicient Corporation, USA
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SQL::Amazon::UserGuide is a Perl module with user Guide for DBD/SQL::Amazon.


# create the parser, passing in the current Amazon metadata
my $parser = SQL::Amazon::Parser->new(%attrs);

# parse a SQL statement, returning a SQL::Amazon::Statement
my $stmt = $parser->parse($sql_stmt)
or die "Parse failed: " . $parser->errstr;
# evaluate the parse tree, using an evaluation object
# for driver specific evaluation
# returns either a scalar rowcount for write operations,
# or a SQL::Amazon::Table object for SELECT
# or undef on error
my $results = $stmt->execute($params)
or die "Evaluation failed: " . $stmt->errstr;

SQL::Amazon provides the various components required by DBD::Amazon http://www.presicient.com/dbdamzn to query the Amazon E-Commerce Service 4.0 aka ECS using SQL.

Be advised this is ALPHA release software.

The suite includes the following components:


provides SQL parsing and query plan generation. Implemented as a subclass of SQL::Parser, part of the SQL::Statement bundle.


provides SQL query plan execution. Implemented as a subclass of SQL::Statement.


provides SQL::Amazon-specific predicate functions, including MATCHES ANY, MATCHES ALL, MATCHES TEXT, POWER_SEARCH, IN, and NOT IN.


provides a factory class for generating SQL::Amazon::Request::Request objects based on the predicates in a query's WHERE clause.


provides a temporary storage object for intermediate results extracted from the base table cache objects. Acts as a SQL::Eval::Table object for SQL::Statement processing.


provides a global storage engine for managing data caching and retrieval.


provides a base class for all ECS request objects, including numerous default method implementations for building and sending requests, and processing the responses into the base table cache objects.


a subclass of SQL::Amazon::Request::Request for the ItemLookup request; also acts as a base class for the ItemSearch request.


a subclass of SQL::Amazon::Request::ItemLookup for the ItemSearch request


provides a base class for table cache objects, including methods for data type conversion, keyed lookup, and cache management.

SQL::Amazon::Tables::< tablename >

provides table-specific implementations of the Table base class.

Perl 5.8.0
SQL::Statement 1.10
Clone 0.15
DBI 1.47
XML::Simple 2.09
LWP from of libwww-perl 5.803

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