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SrcControl is a new form of package management system

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 27K
Developer: Brad Cable
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SrcControl is a new form of package management system. SrcControl project doesn't have any centralized package repository and packages don't have the actual data for the program it installs. What a package, or "source package", contains is information in order to locate and properly download, extract, configure, compile, and install the newest version from the Internet.

The whole point of SrcControl is to create an 'add-on' package management system supported by any Linux/Unix distribution. Programs that aren't already supplied by a certain distribution, but a user may want, can be easily installed if the user gets SrcControl, instead of forcing the user to figure out how to compile the program they want on their own.

Source packages don't have a specific version, they have a date that correspond to when they were last updated. With the structure that source packages take, this means that package repositories only need to store ~4KB for each program, and packages only need to be updated whenever the site layout is changed. Another benefit is that a source package can be created for any program that distributes its software through the Internet.

Check the documentation for more specific details about the project. Developers: If you wish to create a source package, but do not know where to start, download and install a source package from the repository. After you have done so, take a look at its contents (/var/srccontrol//) and you should get a general idea of how to set a source package up.

What's New in This Release:
Multiple mirrors for each source package are supported.
Since wget doesn't support the Content-Disposition HTTP header, support for it was added via the "--server-response" option.
{bindir} was added to be parsed as the package's "bin" directory.
A version option was added.
Other small bugs were fixed.
The documentation was updated for changes.

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