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Sudoku Tool is a sudoku game that helps you to solve sudoku puzzles

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Eric Akers
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Sudoku Tool is a sudoku game that helps you to solve sudoku puzzles. Sudoku Tool can generate puzzles randomly or puzzles can be entered manually.

Some of the features include random puzzle generation, pencil marks, and the ability to save games.

Manual Setup:

The game starts in initialization mode. In this mode, you are setting up the a puzzle that you got from a newspaper, online, ... You are manually setting up the puzzle.

To select a location, click a square with the left mouse button and type in the number you want to place 1-9, or 0 or space to remove a value you placed there previously. You can also change other values by simply typing a new number.

When you have the puzzle set up the way you want, click the Start Game button to start playing.

Random Game:

To have a game randomly generated for you, click the Setup New Game button. A new window pops up asking you to select either "Manual" or "Random". Select "random" and a new game will appear.

To build, use:

make -f Makefile.[system]

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