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The Sun Java Desktop System is a secure, comprehensive, and affordable enterprise desktop software solution that combines the best of

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The Sun Java Desktop System is a secure, comprehensive, and affordable enterprise desktop software solution that combines the best of open source innovation with significant contributions from Sun.

Initially provided with a Linux OS, Java Desktop System is now also integrated with the Solaris 10 Operating System. As a result, Sun customers have the option of deploying the same desktop environment on Sun workstations, Sun Ray thin clients, as well as a broad range of non-Sun notebook and desktop systems with standard x86-based architectures.

Here are some key features of "Sun Java Desktop System":
End user features:

Automated software updates and patching, including dependency checking/analysis to ensure systems are secure and up-to-date.
Local and remote management capabilities provide update scheduling and activity log access.
Interoperability with centralized software management tools.
Desktop applications are tightly integrated allowing for drag and drop and copy/paste of text, graphics and other elements between applications.
Universal printer selection of available printers on network, including printers available on Windows networks.
Single point of entry for directory and file management and networked computers.
Direct access to content in data and files by single-click application launch for files contained in email, web pages and file manager.
Intuitive, easy to use, single install mechanism which ensures users can quickly get productive.
Easy to learn and use, especially for traditional MS Windows users. Featuring:
Familiar desktop themes for file management and desktop configuration
Standard keyboard short cut conventions
Direct access to files and servers using the "Documents" and "Network Places" directories
Familiar access to networked computers from single "Network Places" directory
Full product documentation including Quick Start User Guide and other reference documentation.
Includes selection of great productivity tools including office suite, browser, email/calendar, instant messaging, project management, drawing and video conferencing applications.
Multimedia-ready with essential video and audio players plus a sound recorder. Featuring Java Media Player with support for MP3 playback and a CD Player.
Users can access data stored in office productivity files of Microsoft users and printers connected to existing Windows networks.
Full interoperability with Microsoft Office files.
Interoperability with POP3, LDAP, SMTP mail servers.

Administrator features:

Java Desktop System Configuration Manager allows system administrators to define groups of users and the policies for access rights and settings.
Fine grained control of employee access rights and privileges.
Remote image deployment to manage a defined set of packages or system images for rapid setup and provisioning of desktops and deploy on multiple systems simultaneously.
Centralized package management enabling volume software push, patching, updating multiple desktops.
Software dependency checking and analysis to identify patch and package dependencies and deploy correct set of software.
Inventory collection of desktop details, OS, hardware profiles and more.
Performance Monitoring of deployed desktop environments.
Use a collection of interconnected computers as a unified computing resource.
Ability for administrator to view and interact with user's desktop display to help, guide and troubleshoot.

Developer features:

Java Studio Standard is a powerful yet intuitive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java, providing a comprehensive set of features and functionality.
NetBeans IDE 3.6 delivers tightly integrated deployment and debugging of web applications on Apache Tomcat 5 and the Sun Java System Application Server, Platform Edition 8.
J2SE hosts the Linux GTK+ look and feel support in JFC/Swing enables Java applets and applications to be written so they look just like native Linux apps on JDS.

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