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Supercast is a SHOUTcast-compatible streaming MP3 audio server for Unix

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Matthew Campbell
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Supercast is a SHOUTcast-compatible streaming MP3 audio server for Unix. Its most distinguishing feature is its ability to re-encode the source stream at one or more other bit rates and broadcast the resulting stream(s) along with the original. This makes it easier to simultaneously broadcast high-bandwidth and low-bandwidth streams with the same content. Another good point over SHOUTcast is that Supercast is compatible with Windows Media Player.

The current version of Supercast is 1.0.3, which you can download as a source distribution. Supercast is free software, so you may freely use, modify, and distribute it. Supercast is written in the Python programming language, so you'll need the Python interpreter in order to run it. Version 0.12.3 of the Twisted networking library is also required. Because this version of Twisted is no longer available from the Twisted web site, I have made Twisted 0.12.3 available here.

I developed Supercast specifically for ACB Radio, a group of Internet audio streams operated by the American Council of the Blind with help from many other blind and visually-impaired people. Supercast is in production use now on ACB Radio Interactive. Thanks to the rest of the ACB Radio Interactive team for helping me test the server throughout its development, and even for helping me name the software. Be sure to listen to ACB Radio Interactive for live, unpredictable Internet radio by the blind, for the world!

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