Superversion 2.0 Beta 8 review

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Superversion is a multi-user distributed version control system based on change sets

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Dr. Java
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Superversion is a multi-user distributed version control system based on change sets. It aims to be an industrial-strength, open source alternative to commercial solutions that is equally easy to use (or even easier) and similarly powerful. In fact, intuitive and efficient usability has been one of the top priorities in Superversion's development from the very beginning.

If you're frustrated with CVS - as so many developers before you - and don't want to spend money on a version management software, try Superversion today! Superversion is ublished under the GPL and free to use even in commercial environments.

Here are some key features of "Superversion":
Very easy download, installation and setup in just a few clicks
Platform-independent; supported on Windows, Linux, OS/2, OpenVMS (should run on Macs too - feedback welcome!)
Graphical user interface for all operations
Fully transactional internal database - very strong protection against data loss
Can be used with any editor or file-based IDE
Compressed diff view for every file accessible in just one click
Instant overview of all new/changed/deleted files in work area
Changes can be collected in a buffer before being committed to repository
Branch merging
All file changes stored as diffs (low space consumption even for binary files)
Report functions: fulltext search, state comparison, file history
Support for multiple work areas per project (simultaneous work on different versions)
Graphical project history view
Keyword replacement (analogous to CVS)
Convenient selection of files and directories to be ignored
Marker system to assign human-readable labels to versions
Comments assignable to every version, every file
Export of any recorded version as zip file, complete directory or file-wise
File type (binary/text) detected automatically (manual override possible)
Help text in most dialogs

What's New in This Release:
The user interface is faster and more responsive in many places.
There is a new dialog for adding work areas.

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