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sync2cd is an incremental archiving tool

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 38K
Developer: Remy Blank
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sync2cd is an incremental archiving tool. sync2cd project allows backing up complete filesystem hierarchies to multiple backup media (e.g. CD-R). Files are archived incrementally, i.e. only new or changed files are stored during an archive operation.

All entity types are supported: directories, files, symlinks, named pipes, sockets, block and character devices.

Python 2.2


Basic usage information is output with sync2cd --help:

[joe@pat sync2cd]$ sync2cd --help
sync2cd 1.0 Incremental archiving tool to CD/DVD
Copyright (C) 2006 Remy Blank

Usage: sync2cd [commands] [options] config_file

Commands: -c, --create Create a new archive descriptor
-g, --graft-list Output a graft list for an archive
-h, --help Show this text
-p, --print Print archive information
-r, --restore Restore from archives
-s, --status Print current synchronization status
-y, --copy Copy files of an archive to destination

Options: -a N, --archive N Operate on archive number N
-b GLOB, --glob GLOB Add glob GLOB to pattern list
-d DIR, --destination DIR Copy or restore into directory DIR
-m N, --medium-size N Set archive medium size to N
-n CMD, --mounter CMD Mount media using CMD for restore
--sort HOW File sorting key (time or alpha)
-v, --verbose Be more verbose
-x EXP, --regexp EXP Add regular expression EXP to pattern list

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a bug triggered by restoring special entities (symlinks, devices, etc).
It fixes a bug in the script triggered by restoring an archive number greater than 7.

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