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This script syncs a local directory with your iPod

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 15K
Developer: Armin Obersteiner
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This script syncs a local directory with your iPod. If the directory is larger than the space on your iPod you can sync this larger directory with a master playlist. As alternative you can sync just a bunch of playlists.

By typing "SyncPOD" the sync is done ... nothing more nothing less. Configuration is done with a config file ("~/.ipod/config").

You need a FAT32 iPod, Linux with IEEE1394 harddisks support (*BSD may work too) and Perl5 to do that.

Everything is done in Perl, not just a C wrapper. Nothing is OS specific. The iPod needs to be mounted somewhere, if you can manage that, you have won...

This is a one-way sync to your iPod, which means files are deleted from the drive if they don't exist in the syncdir or playlists.
Your MP3 files have to be uniquely named, even if they are in subdirectories.
Some characters in the MP3 names are not possible: "?" is one of them. (FAT32 problem ?)
The master playlist has to point to files within your SYNCDIR.

an ipod [FAT32 ipod]
a kernel with firewire and scsi [latest ieee1394 modules]
Perl5 [modules: MP3::Info, Unicode::String, File::Copy, Filesys::DiskFree]

What's New in This Release:
-n option: With this option mp3 file names are checked for safety. (This is very strict right now. But I got skips on my iPod with names containing apostrophes, etc. This may as well be because of the UTF-8 conversion. Well it's optional anyway.)

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