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SystemXInfo is a Karamba theme, and requires superkaramba 0.37+

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 22K
Developer: EazyVG
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SystemXInfo is a Karamba theme, and requires superkaramba 0.37+. SystemXInfo displays:

- Kernel and KDE versions
- CPU Model + Clock (Mhz)
- CPU Performance Graph
- CPU & Case Temperature
- Ethernet Connection Statistcs
- WiFi Connection Statistics
- RAM & Swap Usage
- 3 Partitions Usage
- Uptime and Date

This is made for systems that have 1 Ethernet and 1 WiFi Connections enabled and running.

My Linux box is running SuSE 10.0 + KDE 3.5.1

For WiFi, replace "ra0" with your module name (ex. wlan0)


I got text "O/C @2700Mhz", as mine is. You can change the text to your o/c specs, or delete it ... as you wish.

To show CPU and Case temperatures use the correct config line to sensors result.

Also you can modify this script further to suit your system configurations.

Thanks to the creator of original Talv 0.1 applet, that was modified further by me.


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