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Taskjitsu tracks tasks from inception to completion, and allows users to report the amount of time spent on each project and task

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2097K
Developer: Richard Bullington-McGuire
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Taskjitsu tracks tasks from inception to completion, and allows users to report the amount of time spent on each project and task. Taskjitsu satisfies the needs of software development companies, consulting firms, and other organizations that need both flexible time and task tracking. It can generate billing summaries and payroll reports usable with any accounting system.

The system has been in production since 1997; its extensive features have been honed to allow the greatest possible ease in entering and editing data. It offers multiple options for configuring and customizing an installation to support the needs of diverse organizations.

Here are some key features of "Taskjitsu":
Portal View
Once logged in, users are greeted by a customizable portal page, which provides the following information:
How many hours they've worked in the current pay period
How long it's been since they updated their timesheet
How much leave they have
How many tasks they have open, broken down into
Those due soon / of high priority
Those assigned recently
Those ready or not to be tested
Those with new notes.
From there users can open a task timer, update the status of a task, or add a new note, as well as view all their open tasks, view all tasks, view all tasks assigned to another user, etc.
Task View

Task Tracking
Various permission levels: regular user with limited permissions, manager-level user with advanced permissions, and admin-level user with full permissions
Global functions: add a task, view all tasks, view all open tasks, view single task
Single task functions: edit task description, edit status, edit assignees, add / edit notes, start task timer
Task timer: opens in a popup window, has a start / stop button, ability to have multiple timers open and running, option to save to timesheet
Task roundup: lists the user's open tasks in order to perform a batch status and note update (perhaps a weekly team activity to keep all members informed)
Timesheet review: for admin users only, lists all timesheets for each pay period for review and approval
Leave editor: for admin users only, add / remove / approve leave for all users
Email notification: applicable users are notified when any aspect of the task is changed
Timesheet View

Time Accounting
Fields for task ID, project, activity, description, and start timer button
Default view is the current timesheet, but users can edit all previous timesheets
Popup windows for task, project, and activity lookup
Option to view timesheets for other users, but only admins can edit other users' timesheets
Billing Report: lists hours worked, total billing, and (optionally) estimated cost per project.
Payroll summary: lists number of hours worked, hours of leave taken, remaining, and accrued, per user per pay period
Leave accrual can vary according to the employment status of your staff
Productivity report: lists hours worked per project / activity per user, viewable only by managers
Email notification: users are notified when admins add / edit leave
Maintenance View

Viewable only by admins
Add / edit customers, projects, activities, users, and pay periods
Set system defaults

What's New in This Release:
This release includes a fix for a serious, remotely exploitable SQL injection flaw.
All users should upgrade as soon as possible.
This release also includes improved error reporting and more robust database connection handling.
It is possible to change the status of task 48 in Taskjitsu.

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