TCDialer 1.0 review

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TCDialer is a DTMF dialer

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 18K
Developer: timecop
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TCDialer is a DTMF dialer. Designed to resemble telephone keypad. Useful for those who end up in a hotel with a pulse phone.

DTMF generator for those without a touch-tone phone.

Push the buttons. Hear the DTMF tones. Pretty simple.

Soundcard with OSS or Alsa with OSS emulation.


1) % tar -zxvf tcdial-1.0.tar.gz
2) % cd tcdial-1.0
3) % make
4) copy 'dialer' somewhere in your $PATH like /usr/local/bin;
5) % dialer

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