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TclTP (pronounced Tickle-Type) is a preprocessor based on the TCL scripting language

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 27K
Developer: Felix Kuehling
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TclTP (pronounced Tickle-Type) is a preprocessor based on the TCL scripting language. It allows embedding TCL command and and variable expansions in normal text. The result of expansion is inserted in the output.

Quoting and escaping work similar as in TCL, using braces and backslashes. A second stage of processing involves hooks defined by the document. This allows arbitrary transformations of processed text before it is written to the output.

TclTP is primarily intended for generating complex static documents. It is not a mark-up language per se.

But you can define your own mark-up and use it in your documents, possibly allowing the production of output in different formats from the same source file.

You need TCL 8.2 or newer. It has been tested with TCL 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4. Since part of TclTP is a TCL extension written in C you also need a C compiler, GNU Make, the TCL library and header files installed. All of that should be available on a Unix system. There is currently no mechanism to install TclTP on other platforms nor are there pre-compiled binaries. However, TclTP should work on any platform supported by TCL.


Unpack the source archive and change into the tcltp directory. Run 'make'. If you have multiple TCL versions installed you can select the version that is used for compiling the extension module and for running the main script:

make TCLSH=< tclsh name >

Insert the name of the TCL shell to use.

To install TclTP run 'make install' as root. This installs the TCL application in /usr/local/bin and the extension module in /usr/local/lib.

There is currently no support for multi-pass processing.
The expansion, quoting, escape and comment characters could be made configurable in future versions.
Future versions may also include a library of include-files with useful mark-up and hook commands or example document layout templates.

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