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tconf is a small configure system analogous to Autoconf, but very different internally

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 16K
Developer: Timo Hirvonen
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tconf is a small configure system analogous to Autoconf, but very different internally. tconf's purpose is to check if build tools and libraries are available and create a simple file. contains only variables and it is included by makefile -- tconf does not generate makefiles. tconf can optionally generate header files too.

tconf includes a small library makefile which contains some commonly used commands and a macro (stolen from Kbuild, the Linux kernel build system) which makes build output much nicer. There's also automatic dependency generation for C and C++ files (optional). You are not forced to use this makefile (configuration and building are nicely separated).

Even though all tconf's files are included in a project it is still much smaller than GNU Autotools' build files.

Supported systems include *BSD and Linux. tconf may work with some other UNICES too. If not, this should be easy to fix.

Here are some key features of "tconf":
Generates and optionally header files
Written in Bourne Shell
Predefined checks for cc, libs, pkg-config packages, ...
Easy to extend
Support for Autoconf style --enable-* flags
Fast & small
The whole configure/build system (whopping 25 kB uncompressed) is included in a project tree (no external dependencies).
Relatively easy to use

What's New in This Release:
There are no --enable-* flags anymore, since using environment variables is much simpler approach.
Solaris support was added. Various bugs were fixed.
C++ is now supported in compile and link tests.

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