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THC-Dialup Login Hacker is a tool for penetrating dialup modems. All you need is UNIX and minicom

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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THC-Dialup Login Hacker is a tool for penetrating dialup modems.

All you need is UNIX and minicom. Have fun with this little release!

The internet is not the only door into a network. In this new days, wavelans are becoming popular, in old days, there were dial-in modems. But today, dial-in modems are still present in any company.

While tools for wardialing (scanning phone numbers for modems by dialing every number and checking if there's a carrier) are available for all operating systems for years, there were only a very few tools for trying to guess login/passwords against modem carriers, and they were all for MS-DOS only. Years ago, I wrote such a tool called LOGIN-HACKER, which is still in use by many people, just because there's no real choice.

About 5 years ago I completely moved from MS-DOS to UNIX (Linux and OpenBSD) so executing penetration tests became a pain in the ass for modem login hacking. Finally I wrote some scripts to hack into modem carriers for Unix as well.

To make it flexible and portable, I chose not to write my own terminal program and scripting language, like I did with LOGIN-HACKER. I just use simple Minicom scripts. And they are very effective! Also they could include more commands to interact with the operating system while the script is running, I made it possible, to autodetect almost any prompt, and detect if a login/password, or password only prompt was successfully passed or not.

An installed UNIX operating system.
Minicom installed (comes with any Linux distribution).
A modem connected to your system and /dev/modem pointing to the right seriell port.
A phone number with remote modem to answer and presenting a login/password

NEW: with v1.1 I added my check_ppp script which connects to the number and then starts pppd to check for ppp dial-ins which might be passwordless.

What's New in This Release:
decided you make it public. you luck guy
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