THC-vlogger 2.1.1 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 26K
Developer: The Hacker's Choice
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THC-vlogger is an advanced linux kernel based keylogger, enables the capability to log keystrokes of all administrator/user's sessions via console, serial and remote sessions (telnet, ssh), switching logging mode by using magic password, stealthily sending logged data to centralized remote server.

THC-vlogger's smart mode can automatically detect password prompts to log only sensitive user and password information.

Here are some key features of "THC vlogger":
Log keystrokes of all user sessions

Console, serial console
Telnet/SSH remote sessions

Stealth mechanism

No syscall modifying, nearly impossible to detect
UDP packets of log data can not be seen from the box itself

Multiple logging modes and methods

Support three logging modes
Switch between logging modes by specific keys sequence
Default toggle character is CTRL-]

Dumb mode

Logs all keystrokes

Smart mode

Ability to detect password prompt automatically to log only sensitive data such as user/password (ssh, telnet, su, sudo, ftp, ...)

Normal mode

Stop logging mode

Log methods

Log to files

Remote log over network
Transmits log data via UDP to a specified machine

System users neither see nor sniff log packets
Sniffers such as tcpdump on the box can not see the traffic
Bypass local network filtering/firewall rules

Log data

Separated logging for each tty/session
Each tty has their own log buffer
Easier to track sessions

Timestamps logging

Nearly support all special chars
Arrow keys (left, right, up, down), Home, Page Up, Page Down
F1 to F12, Shift+F1 to Shift+F12
ALT- and CTRL- combinations
Tab, Insert, Delete, End, Backspace, ...

Support line editing keys included CTRL-U and Backspace

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