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Tinyquizz project is a deliberately simplistic tool to produce self-assessment quizzes

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1K
Developer: Oscar Figueiredo
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Tinyquizz project is a deliberately simplistic tool to produce self-assessment quizzes. Quizzes consist of a single entirely self-contained XHTML file. There is no need for a web server, PHP, database server, or e-learning platform to run them. A simple web browser is enough. It even fully works offline.

Quizzes produces by Tinyquizz can only be used for self-assessment because the answers are contained in the quizz file.

How does Tinyquizz work ?

Quizzes are written in XML, that is raw text with tags to delimit sections. For instance here is a question (tags are in bold):

< question>
< statement>You can cross when the light is < /statement>
< answer correct="no">Red< /answer>
< answer correct="yes">Green< /answer>
< /question>

Once you wrote the quizz you transform it with an XSLT processor or using the online transformer which does not require any installation.
Any basic text editor is ok to write Tinyquizz quizzes. However you may prefer to use a dedicated XML text editor such as Jaxe which can additionally ensure that the syntax is correct. Indeed you need to use the right tag at the right place

What's New in This Release:
Input widgets are now locked once the result is displayed.
A new reset button has been added.
A new optional < justification > tag can now be added after each answer to provide the user with individualized feedback.
Disc bullets are used for answers when there is no correct answer.
New reference documentation is now available on the Web site as well as in the distribution.

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